Fendant 75cl

AOC Valais

12.90 CHF

Stemming from the “Chasselas” grape varietal, Fendant is cultivated everywhere in “Valais” and represents more than 30% of the total planted vineyards. Cultured for the table in most of the wine-growing countries, it is adopted for the vat in the Swiss French part, and is appreciated for its fruity freshness and its refinement. It owes its name to a particularity of the ripe grape whose skin and pulp split when pressed between finger and thumb, without any juice flowing out.

The “Chasselas” creates, in our climatic conditions, some fruity and bouquetted vineyards which represent all the degrees of wealth and richness. Qualities of Fendant are concentrated in secondary (of fermentation) and tertiary (of maturity and soil) aromas. Depending on the area, it can be fruity, floral, be of typified soil or slightly sweet and soft.

As regards to great wine, it adopts honey aromas, after five or ten years, as well as the smells of nut and a smooth texture which confer it a remarkable personality.


Barrelof malolactic fermentation to bottling (5-6 Months)


Ideal serving temperature10-12°C
AppellationFendant AOC Valais
Culinary accompanimentsappetizers, raclette, fondue, Valais dishes, alpine cheeses

Box of 6 bottles 75cl

77.40 CHF