Johannisberg 50cl

AOC Valais

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ln second order of importance among the white grapes planted in Valais, Johannisberg (Sylvaner or Gros Rhin) originales in the Rhine Valley in Germany. It is well-suited to light, slate and gravel soils which endow it with a brawny fruitiness, tinged with almonds. These areas of production are demarcated by cantonal legislation. Through late harvesting, the Johannisberg grape gains a deep yellow quality without losing its firmness of tone.

The wines produced from this grape are of the highest quality. It is recommended to drink dry Johannisberg within two or three years; while smooth Johannisberg may be kept for several years, even for over a decade.

To make the most of this grape’s qualities, growers in Valais reserve mid­slope sites for the Jahannisberg, where it is well-exposed and can fully express its fine, full-bodied personality with heady aromas; it will tolerate neither compromise nor laxity. Later-ripening than Chasselas, the Sylvaner/Johannisberg is distinguished by its yellowish-green buds and round leaves. The medium-sized grape is compact, round and green with brown spots.


Barrelof malolactic fermentation to bottling (5-6 months)


Ideal serving temperature10-12°C
AppellationJohannisberg AOC Valais
Culinary accompanimentsappetizers, asparagus, Chinese cuisine

Box of 15 bottles 50cl

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