Pinot Noir 50cl

AOC Valais

10.70 CHF

Pinot Noir reigns supreme among the Valais vineyards, extending over slopes whose diversity of soil and micro-climate endows the wine with a wealth of flavor characteristics.

An early-ripening variety, Pinot Noir has an inclination for vineyards established on limestone or gravel and at locations that do not become excessively hot. No other variety of Vitis vinifera is subject to more genetic variation. Clonal selection is therefore essential.

Too high a yield is particularly detrimental to the quality of Pinot Noir. This was the reason for the authorities of Valais for refusal to allow plantings at Mariafeld on a site considered too fertile.

The Pinot Noir of Valais is never better than when it combines the concentration, delicacy and subtlety of the fruit, with aromatic freshness and elegance. To achieve this, it must be harvested when all the constituents achieve a perfect balance. Gifted wine­makers have understood this and today present dazzling vintages, sometimes matured in oak barrels.


Barrelfrom malolactic fermentation to bottling (9-10 Months)


VarietalPinot Noir
Ideal serving temperature14-16°C
AppellationPinot Noir AOC Valais
Culinary accompanimentsroast beef (hot), ribs, châteaubriant, tournedos, lamb and rack of lamb, white meats

Box of 15 bottles 50cl

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