Humagne Rouge 75cl

AOC Valais

20.00 CHF

The origins and spirit of Humagne Rouge are authentically from Valais. Its energy is seductive; it has musky notes that mix with the fragrances of heath and wild berries.

It is well-balanced, with a solid and seamless structure. After a clean and lively attack, the fruit fills the middle palate, leaving an impression of brilliant vitality.


Barrelof malolactic fermentation to bottling (9-10 Months)


VarietalHumagne Rouge
Ideal serving temperature15-16°C
AppellationHumagne Rouge AOC Valais
Culinary accompanimentsgame terrines, raw meats, rabbit, game (inc poultry) , offal (liver and kidney), roasts, pot-au-feu, cheeses

Box of 6 bottles 75cl

120.00 CHF