Syrah 75cl

AOC Valais

18.60 CHF

The marriage of Syrah and Valais is a story of ardor and passion. Now a successful immigrant in the hot winegrowing regions of Australia and California, Syrah originally made its name in the Hermitage vineyards, in the northern Côtes-du-Rhône.

Since its introduction into Valais in 1926, the plantings have grown steadily, in keeping with the reputation of the wine. Planted on sun-drenched slopes conducive to its late maturing character, Syrah gives the best of its concentrated powerful fruit, with generous aromas of black and spicy grapes, playing the whole gamut of strong, rich sensations, of voluptuous liquorice tannins.

Such structure, vigor and persistence – qualities that defy the passage of time.


Barrelof malolactic fermentation to bottling (9-10 Months)


Ideal serving temperature15-16°C
AppellationSyrah AOC Valais
Culinary accompanimentsgame (inc. poultry), strongly seasoned roasted meats, turkey stuffed with chestnuts, soft cheeses (mid-washed, soft and semi-hard)

Box of 6 bottles 75cl

111.60 CHF